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Black Box Okhla (BBO) is an arts initiative founded in 2017. A laboratory for exploration and development, BBO is a blank canvas inviting artists to fill it with their wildest dreams.

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Vishal K. Dar &

Poppy Seed Lab

JAN 30 TO FEB 04

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 For audiences aged 8+

If he has no traveller

To offer mystical meat

Pleasing him for the moment to be

Then for all his days

He is no demon

He is lost within

He is no more.

12 audience members enter every 30 minutes to experience a site-specific field of sculpture, sound and oscillation. 


Inspired by the thicket of a black box and the transformative qualities of light, Vatapi re-imagines perspective outside of cartesian geometry and the ways in which we view our physical world. 


Two beams of light, one tracing an elliptical orbit and the other piercing through a pulsating circle, entwine in a rhythmic beating of echoes through a time-coded set of conditions. The stillness of non-space evaporates with the embedded soundscape of the Earth’s magnetosphere.


Vatapi is presented as an ongoing exploration of the artists’ engagement with light and sight, condition and duration, myth and technology. This work is presented as part of the Black Box Okhla Residency, and is included in India Art Fair 2020’s parallel venue series. It is open to audiences in specified intervals from 30th January to 4th February 2020, 4-7pm.

Akhila Khanna

FEB 14 TO FEB 16

A BBO Production

APR 16 TO APR 18

" The simplicity and honesty of the factory stands without pretence. The conversion of the factory into a performance space does not pretend to be other than what it is; an enlivened workshop for explosive creativity."



Portia Elmer, Architect, The BBO

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