Black Box Okhla invites artists working across all mediums to apply to our annual residency.

The residency offers full access to BBO’s main space to rehearse, develop, design, build, workshop and showcase.


BBO was created to dream big, dream wild and dream fantastical. Come create in our space something you haven’t been able to create anywhere else. Explore the infinite possibilities of interactions beyond the conventional proscenium.


2019/2020 season residency dates:

I - October to November RIHLA - By the Aagaz Theatre Trust 

II - December to January  DAUGHTERS-  By Anuradha Kapur

III - February to March  VATAPI - By Vishal Dar and Poppy Seed Lab 

2020-2021 season residency dates (TBC):

I- October to November 2020

II- December to January 2021

III- February to March 2021


Application Selection Committee for 2019/20 Season –

Rustom Bharucha

Zuleikha Chaudhuri

Nikhil Mehta


What kind of arts do you program?

Theatre, dance, performance art, immersive installations and auditory/music experiences. (Your work may fall outside these categories – and that’s ok! Apply anyway!)


What kind of work do you NOT program?

One night only events, corporate events, brand launches, parties.


Can you tell us more about the showcase?

A showcase is a chance for audiences to interact with your work – whether formally or informally. BBO strongly believes in showcases as a part of the development process.


Can the BBO residency be used to program festivals?

Yes, you may apply for the residency as a curator of a festival.


We’re looking for a home for our touring presentation; can we apply for a residency?

Yes, we would be happy to host an already developed piece for our residency. Please fill out the same application as above and additionally share how your presentation will mould into our space. We expect you to showcase your work for a minimum of 3 consecutive weekends.


What inventory does BBO offer?

We have a pair of RCF Evox 12 (Active two way speakers with 15" subwoofer), a Yamaha MG16XU mixer, 30 light fixtures and an ETC nomad that programs lights through a computer. These are available for use, free of cost, during tech and showcase days. If you require more inventories, you can rent them at your own cost.

Apart from the main black box space itself, you get access to two dressing rooms,  a green room and a pantry.


Do you offer support staff?

You are required to bring all staff you need for your work. On tech days we can offer an electrician at a daily rate.


What about food and housing?

BBO does not cover food expenses or accommodation. However, residents are granted access to our pantry where they can set up a kitchenette for the duration of the residency.


Air Conditioning?

BBO operates between the months of October and March. The weather is pleasant and you rarely require air conditioning. However, if needed, BBO offers Air conditioning at an additional cost of Rs. 1,200 per hour.

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